“I Don’t See Color” – a lazy response to racism and bigotry

If people don’t see color, they’re most likely saying that as an excuse to not be racist. However, that’s not true — there are many people of color, but they are all human beings. They look different, but it doesn’t mean that they are supposed to act a certain way. Saying “I don’t see color” doesn’t say anything; it’s better to say “All people of color are the same.”

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“People of color are at a distinct disadvantage in our society.”

“Not with me.”

“Not with you?”

“Not with me. I don’t see color.”

“How can you not see color?”

“Everybody is the same color to me.”

“But they’re not.”

“See, that’s your problem. You see color. I don’t.”

“I have a problem because I see color?”

“Yes. If everyone didn’t see color – like me – then there would be no racism and bigotry.”

“So you think it would be better if everyone had the same skin color?”

“That’s not what I said …”

“Because everyone doesn’t have the same skin color.”

“I know that.”

“And despite your self-imposed color-blindness, racism and bigotry still exist anyway. It’s by seeing the color of people’s skin that we can recognize how some people are treated differently than others simply because of their skin color.”

“But I don’t see skin color, so…

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