Dollar Store Racism

What that man said in the store shows that he is such a disrespectful human being. The fact that when the writer confronted him, he justified himself by saying that they were being racist. Even though the writer did not feel proud for calling the racist out, what he did was still good. If you don’t call out racists, they will continue to say racial slurs.

Like A Butterfly

Hey Peeperoos.  A happy Saturday morning to you all.  I hope these two days are good to you by way of either spending time with your loved ones or carving out some time just for you and you alone. Either option is good, yes?

Here’s how I kicked off my weekend.  After work on Friday evening, I stopped in at the Dollarama to pick up some cleaning products. Hey, don’t judge me. I love the dollar store. Walking up and down the aisles is weirdly relaxing for me.

First, I’d like to apologize in advance.  The terms and language used here might very well be offensive to some.

I’m was standing in a long-ish line waiting to pay, but it was moving quickly.  Standing behind me what was an older “gentlemen” (that term is being used more loosely than a call girl in Vegas). Moving forward, I’m just going to…

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