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Racism and Police Brutality. What do people think?

In this presentation, I took a class survey about which races is the most affected by police brutality. Then, I added 3 charts of statistics about which race is affected the most.


I made this presentation with google slides, and then screen recorded the slides. I added a lot of information, facts and opinions to make the presentation more informational. Instead of adding a voice over, I just added music because I wanted the text on the screen to stand out. On top of the slides, I added royalty free music to add audio.

Police Brutality facts

  • Blacks, especially women, are more likely to have been unarmed when killed by police than non-blacks, and that risk appears to increase in police departments with a greater presence of non-white officers, according to a new study of nationwide data from Washington University in St. Louis.”
  • “Nearly 94 percent of those killed by police are men; about 46 percent are white; about 22 percent had a history of drug abuse or mental illness.”
  • “The ages of unarmed people killed by police in the database range from 5 to more than 100 years old, including people who were 101, 103 and 107.”
  • “More than 57 percent of African American women were killed while unarmed; white males were the least likely to have been unarmed when killed at just under 20 percent.”
  • Everding, Gerry. “Police Kill Unarmed Blacks More Often, Especially When They Are Women, Study Finds | The Source | Washington University in St. Louis.” The Source, 14 Feb. 2018, source.wustl.edu/2018/02/police-kill-unarmed-blacks-often-especially-women-study-finds/.

Are There Ways we can STOP Police Brutality?


Police Brutality these days are increasing and not decreasing because there are not may actions people take to help stop it. There are many ways for the city to help end Police Brutality.

  1. Treat addicts and mentally ill people like they need help, not jail. Many people that are victims pf police brutality are people with mental issues. People that use drugs for their mental issue and abuse the fact of their medication do not jail, they need medical attention.
  2. Body cameras Body cameras can not solve the problem completely, but it can help the issue. The cameras can be advocated as a long term commitment of fighting a misconduct.

Think with your mind, not a gun! Go sign our petition here:


We just signed the petition “NYPD and state troopers: Think with your mind, not a gun. #StopRacismandPoliceBrutality” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name.

Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support.

  • Stop violence by police officers to specific races. This can impact many innocent people that are harassed by police officers and their family