Petition Update

As of May 17, 2019, our petition has 907 signatures. I am getting closer and closer to the goal of 1,000 signatures. I feel accomplished and happy from how successful our petition is becoming. If you haven’t already, go sign our petition.

Petition Update

I am very proud of the progress we as a group has made for our petition. We are very close to our goal of 1,000 signatures. So far we have 863 signatures. This is a big milestone for us since we have started. Many people are realizing that racism is a problem everywhere not just locally.

If you haven’t already, sign our petition.

Racism Meme

I created this meme because my goal is to change people’s view on racism. I want to get people to realize how bad the problem of racism is. This meme is about a guy not caring about racism to changing his mind on it.

Opinions on Racism

I made a video about different opinions on racism. I talked about how I think of the author’s opinions and added on to what they said.

I went online and researched three different websites on different people’s opinions on racism. Then I included the three quotes in my video. I used a voiceover to explain what the quotes mean. I also talked about what I think of the author’s opinion. I found background pictures for my video with the racism theme. This fits in my project because not only did I include my own opinion but I included other authors opinion on racism. I learned that racism affects everyone not just certain ethnicity groups. Comment on my video on youtube