Our Petition is doing Great, but not our Blogs!

My classmates and I are always creating new blog pots for our audience on our topic and how you can help support us. However, not that many people see our blog posts. We haven’t had any views since February, which is disappointing because we want for our message to be heard here on word-press.

We also have a twitter account that is also not doing great. Every blog that we write, we post on our twitter. Our twitter has 1 follower, which is one of our classmates. This means that nobody from our twitter account is seeing our blog posts. Please support us by following our twitter at



Welcome To Our Blog :)

Michele: “I’m Michele and I want to limit racism around New York City.”

Olivia: “People know about racism and police brutality but not enough of those people that know are trying to do anything about it. I’m not one of those people.”

Yvonne: “I’m Yvonne and my goal is to make people realize how big the problem of racism is.”  

Beatrice: “Im Beatrice, and I want to limit racial profiling and raise awareness on police brutality.