I mean exactly what the title says — recognizing racism requires us to see in color. If we don’t acknowledge the fact that there is racism in to world, it will still exist and no one will be able to limit or prevent it.


I’ve heard people say “I am colorblind” when the topic of racism arises. I know what they mean to say… “they” meaning white people like me… mean to say they love all races equally. I may have even said it before myself. But I’ve come to understand why it’s not helpful. Furthermore, why the concept is harmful.

I hope I am NEVER colorblind. I love color too much.

Wouldn’t it be better to recognize and see the beauty all of us have to offer the world. Why be blind to something that makes us, all of us, beautiful?

To be colorblind is to ignore the issues that need attending to. You have to RECOGNIZE and see the colors in order to understand the fight. Because the truth is…. society isn’t colorblind. It never will be. And racism is something we really should be fighting against everyday.

The first step in…

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