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Our petition has passed our expectations; it has currently 923 signatures. This is a major improvement compared to our blog that barely has any viewers. If you haven’t already, you can check out the petition at:

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Our petition is doing lovely! It has finally reached 907 signatures; it’s so close to 1000! All we need is 93 signatures to complete our goal. If you haven’t already, you can go check it out at!

Our Blog Statistics

Currently, they barely any viewers that visit our blog posts. The last visit we have only had two visitors. I believe we can fix this by post more on social media and using hashtags when posting. We can also follow more websites that support or share the same cause as us.

Statistics of Racism

In this article we will review statistics on racism, such as how people of color feel about discrimination. The results will be in charts and in the video there are explanations of what the charts show.

In order to make the video, I first found the information and data I needed. I used Google Slides and made about a 1 minute presentation. I had no idea how to create the slides into a video, so I used my phone’s screen recording option and recorded the whole presentation. Additionally, I was faced with another problem — I did not know how to put audio onto the video. The app iMovie had music, but none of it was the type of music I wanted. I did not know how to download music from youtube, so the video was left with no audio.

I learned many new things by creating this presentation and video — the majority of blacks feel discriminated in their everyday lives, such as walking outside or even at work. However, there is a good amount of blacks that face no discrimination, showing that their is a chance that racism is being limited to certain people.

Petition Update

Our petition is doing amazing! We currently have 826 signatures as of May 3, 2019. We are almost at our 1000 signatures, proving that police brutality is a problem and people out there are willing to help support our cause. If you haven’t already, sign out petition:

Petition Update:

Currently, our petition has 569 signatures. We were nervous in the beginning, most likely because we had only about 20 signatures. Surprisingly, our petition blew up and gained a following. We have tried making social media influencers help our cause, but no one ever noticed or replied. We will try to gain more attention because police brutality and racism is a huge problem right now.

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